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An effective coach starts by helping an individual break the habit of thinking that the key to success and well-being is to rearrange things outside of themselves.

-Phil Eason

What great leaders have in common is that each truly knows his or her strengths and can call on the right strength at the right time.

- Don Clifton

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Your purpose inspires the heart to keep
you from being purely rationale; which provides you the
courage and hope needed to pursue your mission.

should I find my purpose, mission & core values?

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Self-aware leaders are more effective and successful.

A study by the Harvard Review found that self-aware leaders are more effective at building trust, motivating teams and achieving results.


Having a strong sense of purpose motivates and inspires others.

Having a clear sense of direction provides comfort and stability for your team. It allows them to follow you more easily.

In the workplace while it is critical for organizations to evolve, and grow over time, leaders must also offer employees stability and confidence.


Values-driven leaders are more trusted and respected.

Based on an article found in Forbes, leaders driven by values are more likely to make ethical decisions; therefore making them more trusted and respected overall.

Phil Eason

Phil has over thirty years of serving in positions of leadership.

He is a practician not an academician. Since 2008, he has coached executives using a strengths-based approach. Phil has built his practice on the principle that organizational performance excels when leaders focus on the strengths, engagement and wellbeing of those they are charged to lead.

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Leading your company with strength is no longer out of reach.

Our coaching courses teach you field-tested frameworks and the lessons of 20+ years in executive leadership and team building.

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We create a transformational shift in culture in organizations they are charged to lead.

Our guided partnership will help you achieve the two non-negotiable traits of successful leaders:

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